[doap-interest] doap.net

Håvard Eide xml at phpvolcano.com
Wed Sep 29 22:50:59 BST 2004

Hi all!
Well: first post here at the list, I have just uploaded and got the 
base of www.doap.net up and running tonight, I plan to make this into a 
community site ( using drupal, so forum/blogs/comments are all up and 
running ) and a place to store/generate doap files.

I have a first drupal module that still needs a bit of polish, but 
basically it will generate a doap project and elements can then be 
added to a it as you need it, a project can also be associated with a 
external doap file ( sitting on some other server )

The doap can then be grabbed  with navigating to 
http://doap.net/projectName ( say: http://doap.net/doap will get the 
doap file for the doap project )

Anyway, still working on that so it's not live yet ( trying to get it 
up this weekend ), but I'm making this site live now so that I can get 
some input on the project, if anyone got creative ideas to what I can 
do with the site: pleas get back to me either here or at doap.net

Håvard Eide.

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