[doap-interest] CodeZoo launches DOAP support

Edd Dumbill edd at usefulinc.com
Wed Aug 3 21:46:20 BST 2005


   O'Reilly's [1]CodeZoo has just launched a major deployment of DOAP.

   CodeZoo is a software registry for code libraries, covering Java,
   and Python. Each entry in the registry has a DOAP export available.

   Additionally, developers can provide CodeZoo with an Atom feed
   containing embedded DOAP. This means the repository can be kept up to
   date with releases.

   More information:
     * [2]DOAP in CodeZoo
     * [3]DOAP over Atom
     * [4]Keep CodeZoo up to date with DOAP


   1. http://www.codezoo.com/
   2. http://ruby.codezoo.com/about/doap.csp
   3. http://www.codezoo.com/about/doap_over_atom.csp
   4. http://www.codezoo.com/cs/user/create/doap_feedback

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