[doap-interest] versioning information for <doap:programming-language>

karsten schmidt toxi at toxi.co.uk
Tue Mar 15 12:43:06 GMT 2005

hi. i've just build my very first DOAP description for a project of 
mine and was wondering if the way "programming-language" is 
described can be improved...

my software is written in lingo (macromedia director's scripting 
language). director + lingo has been around since the late 80s and 
is currently at version 10. my project requires at least version 
8.5. same problem exists with most other popular languages (java, 
python, php...)

so i'd like to replace the literal value of 
<doap:programming-language> with some construct also including 
versioning info:


i've checked with the schema definition and the lack of any range 
parameter for the prog-language seems to indicate such a construct 
would be valid, though the DOAPy validator seems to think otherwise.

can anyone shed some light into my (beginner's) darkness...


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