[doap-interest] DOAP and lists of [favorite] applications?

Uldis Bojars captsolo at gmail.com
Thu Jul 20 19:57:10 UTC 2006

Hi Allen,

On 7/20/06, Allen Gunn <gunner at aspirationtech.org> wrote:

Aspiration ( www.aspirationtech.org) is working on a tool that does some of
> what you ask about. We've built a Flickr-like front end for tagging DOAP
> records, and coupled that with social networking features that let users
> browse "who's using what" and "who else is using what I'm using". We've a=
> added some basic social recommendation/collaborative filtering features as
> well. We don't have a "favorite" flag, but that is certainly an enhanceme=
> we could consider, especially if it was part of DOAP :^)

Do you expose or have considered exposing "who's using what" or "what I am
using" lists in DOAP (a machine readable form)?
If so, how do you express a link from a person to an application he/she is

If we had a property to express this link, then adding a "favorite" tag
would be quite easy.

P.S. For the "what I am using" lists you don't need to export full DOAP
profile - just a link to the DOAP profile (its URI?) should be enough. Also
you would need to identify people - that's where FOAF comes in handy.

The Social Source Commons platform is targeted at nonprofit techies to
> support mapping and enumerating their tools universe, but the underlying
> code is entirely general for any application space. The app is written in
> Rails, and we'll be releasing it under GPL.

Sounds interesting. :)


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