[doap-interest] Changelog with DOAP

Alexandre Passant alex at passant.org
Mon Sep 11 23:18:10 UTC 2006


I've just use DOAP to maintain the Changelog of one of my project. [1]

To do so, I used dc:description for each Version to represent the changes
for a given release [2]. Yet, I thaught a doap:changelog property (with
doap:Version as its domain) could be more appropriate instead of

Another idea for the changelog could be to add a Change class, which get
date, maintainer, list of changes ... as properties, and then link Changes
to a Version (eg: doap:hasChanges). It would be more complex, but this way,
a DOAP file could be linked to SVN changes, and as its mandatory, people
could get only a global changelog using the previously mentionned
doap:changelog property.

What do you think about adding such a property / classes to DOAP ?

Of course, if you think this is not in the scope of the core of DOAP, it
could be done with a changelog extension vocabulary.



[2] http://apassant.net/home/2006/02/dotclear-sioc/doap.rdf
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