[doap-interest] Changelog with DOAP

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Tue Sep 12 08:10:42 UTC 2006

Alex wrote:
> I've just use DOAP to maintain the Changelog of one of my project. [1]
> [...] What do you think about adding such a property / classes to DOAP ?

What is the advantage in having the Changelog in DOAP?  The format of 
Changelog is already pretty well-specified in 
and others and there are tools like cvschangelogbuilder to work with it.  
However, I notice that 
outputs a different format - why?

Just curious.  No strong feelings about whether it's a good idea to
add such features to DOAP, as I can't see me doing anything but
referencing a Changelog file.

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