[doap-interest] DOAP + OpenID + PURL = doapurl.org

Rob Cakebread rob at doapspace.org
Fri Dec 7 23:05:56 GMT 2007


I'm working on a PURL[1] server just for DOAP - http://doapurl.org.

You'll be able to search for DOAP by a short project name, or if there 
are multiple projects with the exact name you can specify which you want 
using the PURL resolver's single-level category.

Example PURL's look like:


A command-line client I'm working on, doapfiend, will let you fetch and 
display DOAP using:

doapfiend <project name>

Or, quicker, no searching needed by a server:
doapfiend dev-python/doaplib

Unlike a regular PURL server, only members of an OSS project will be 
able to create and edit PURLs for their own projects. See my blog 
article for a bit more about using OpenId to determine who's creating 
the PURL.

I hope to get the basic PURL creation web form open for testing by Sunday.

More details are on my doapspace blog[2] where I'll be writing several 
more articles about this.

I'm looking for feedback, please. Does this seem like a good way for 
people to find DOAP? Is it SemWeb enough for you RDF people?


[1] http://purl.org/
[2] http://blog.doapspace.org/

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