[doap-interest] Project relationships and funding

Stuart Yeates stuart.yeates at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Mon Jul 23 14:06:54 BST 2007

Ross Gardler wrote:
> Stuart Yeates wrote:

> Would it be possible to be able to point at a build dependency tool
> configuration? This would allow DOAP processors to extract some/all of
> this information if it is required and would reduce the need  for
> projects to duplicate this kind of information in their DOAP file.


The appropriate way to do this is using rdfs:seeAlso for the URL and
the dc:format attribute containing the format of the information, i.e.

<rdfs:seeAlso  dc:format="application/x-maven+xml"

Any tool that understood maven build files (or make files, or ant
files...) would check for an appropriate dc:format or reasonable
looking file name and process it.

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