[doap-interest] New DOAP repository: doapspace.org

Rob Cakebread rob at doapspace.org
Tue Oct 2 22:13:36 BST 2007

 > Great site Rob
 > I especially like the HTML view of the DOAP, i think this really
 > useful, since it encourages people to look at the underlying data.
 > Thanks for the link to hDOAP:
 > http://dannyayers.com:88/xmlns/hdoap/profile/index.xhtml
 > I also like the way you have used mbox_sha1sum to prevent email
 > address harvesting.

Thanks, Stuart.

The FOAF elements need some work to be more accurate - the mbox_sha1sum 
doesn't match up with a person's actual name in a lot of the DOAP 
because it uses their nickname instead of actual name, but I'm 
correcting that with more detailed data from FLOSSmole.

re: Danny - I changed the link to your hdoap site, thanks.

Take care,

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