[doap-interest] Help the Ruby community and spread the word about DOAP and the Semantic Web

Simon Rozet simon at rozet.name
Sat Sep 29 18:30:36 BST 2007

In [1], Daniel Berger is talking about two of the most important
website of the Ruby programming language : the Ruby Application
Archive and RubyForge.
The point it that some project are listing on RAA but not on RubyForge
and vis versa. So he's talking about solution to synchronize them...
which bring me to RDF/DOAP :-)

Accordingly to the Gregory Brown (another writer for the blog), we
don't need another third-party app. They just want to syncronize them,
that's all.
So, I was thinking it could be a great "marketing action" to "push"
them to publish RDF for projects and authors.Then we can build a
DBPedia-like, but for Ruby project!
- Retrieve the data from RAA and RubyForge (from RDF data, RDFa, eRDF,
Microformat, whatever)
- Push these information into a triple-store
- Expose the data trough a SPARQL end-point
- Write a good-looking-2.0ish UI to browse the data

I think it maybe a fantastic way to say "hey! yes, the semantic web is
USEFUL and is REAL. (and is not only for scientist)".

I known we've already got doapspace and doapstore, but I don't know
much about them. Maybe one them already have the infrastructure to do

So, what do you think?

[1] http://www.oreillynet.com/ruby/blog/2007/09/rubyforge_vs_raa.html

Simon Rozet <simon at rozet.name>

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