[doap-interest] Help the Ruby community and spread the word about DOAP and the Semantic Web

Rob Cakebread rob at doapspace.org
Sun Sep 30 17:33:30 BST 2007

Alexandre Passant wrote:
> BTW, Rob, what about keeping doapspace scraping and creating RDF as
> you already do (+ adding URIs as we discussed and I blogged there
> [1]),and let doapstore provides the SPARQL + search fonctionnalities,
> using PTSW as a bridge between both ?

Hi Alex,

If I understand you, I'd change the Project to:

<doap:Project rdf:about="http://doapspace.org/doap/sf/project_name/">

Is that what you mean?

This brings up another question. The DOAP doapspace produces is really 
meant for people to download and start editing and using as their own.

DOAP is supposed to be de-centralized, so if someone is going to link 
their FOAF to a DOAP profile, shouldn't they be downloading it and 
hosting it themselves and linking to that?

I need change the hDOAP pages so they have a link to a clear explanation 
about that aspect of DOAP.

My goal with doapspace is to be a temporary repository until the big 
sites start producing it themselves.

As for doapspace and SPARQL, rather than duplicate doapstore's SPARQL 
search functionality, I'm working on a method to search for DOAP by the 
names people already know projects as. For instance you could give a 
Debian package name, a Ruby gem name, a SourceForge project name etc. 
and they will all point to the same DOAP profile.

A command-line client I'm working on does that by finding the project 
homepage from a package manager and checking doapspace for DOAP with a 
matching 'homepage' or 'old-homepage'.

Take care,

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