[doap-interest] Auditing Releases

James Howison james at howison.name
Fri Aug 29 01:48:03 CEST 2008

On Aug 28, 2008, at 5:56 PM, Robert Burrell Donkin wrote:

> On Sun, 2008-08-24 at 09:25 +1200, Stuart A. Yeates wrote:
>> There are a couple of relevant issues here:
>> (a) Reusing existing features is preferable to inventing new ones,
>> since existing tools can likely do something sensible with existing
>> features, but getting them to add new features is an uphill battle.
> i agree
> my only concern is that since:
> "rdfs:label is an instance of rdf:Property that may be used to provide
> a human-readable version of a resource's name."
> the risk is that existing tools may process the information in a  
> manner
> befitting a human readable text and not in a way that befits machine
> readable data. still, i'm not sure that
>> (b) Many geeks recognise a checksum / signature
> i agree
>> (c) I believe that mime-type is the correct way to describe the  
>> 'type'
>> of this information
> i agree
>> Do you have an alternative idea for the representation?
> i suppose that an alternative strategy would be something like that
> taken by http://simile.mit.edu/wiki/Maven_POM_RDFizer etc and use a
> concept definition as predicate. for example:
> <wikipedia:Computer_file
> rdf:about="maven:///wicket-jdk14/1.3.0-beta2/wicket-jdk14-1.3.0- 
> beta2.pom">
>  <wikipedia:MD5>f263dd7270c31dbad88f4510753cdf23</wikipedia:MD5>
> <wikipedia:SHA1>a49d12523a9e66b8e68e6cb142d27c6c961bdb96</ 
> wikipedia:SHA1>
> </wikipedia:Computer_file>
> (these days, http://dbpedia.org/ would be preferrable as the  
> namespace)
> AIUI the idea here is to link to a concept so that reverse searches  
> can
> turn up data. for example, searching for MD5 sum would
> find f263dd7270c31dbad88f4510753cdf23 and then deduce something about
> it's relationship with the subject.
> in some ways, i suppose this difference in philosophy may reflect a
> difference in the tool audience targetted.

Would this vocabulary be useful:


There's also dc:format which takes mime-types as it's recommended  
content (although you'd still need to create a resource to act as the  

These guys defined their own checksum property:


I'm pretty sure that one can't use mime-types in the way suggested  

<rdf:Description rdf:about="http://example.com/build-product-1.2.3.zip">
   <rdfs:label mime-type="x-sha1-checksum">1234567890ABCDEF</rdfs:label>

For one thing the range of rdfs:label is rdfs:Literal, so probably  
you'd have to be creating a custom typed Literal to use mime-types in  
that way.  Creating another resource, the checksum, and then  
describing that as having a certain mime-type, seems the way to go to  


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