[gnome-bluetooth] using bluetooth for remote control

Damien Covey damien at covey.net.au
Mon Oct 6 22:45:33 BST 2003

I've just got myself a usb bluetooth transiever and would like to know 
if it is possible to use this device as some sort of remote controller.  
I would like to be able to send messages (maybe via bluetooth phone) to 
the device and have the computer resond by donig things like changing 
songs in Rhythmbox or muting the sound etc.  Pretty simple sort of 
actions, but nice to be able to do from the lounge room.  Maybe even 
launching an application such as rhythmbox or totem etc.

So, does anyone know if this is either possible at the moment or maybe 
in the near future, and perhaps quicker with more resouces :)


Damien <www.covey.net.au>
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