[gnome-bluetooth] using bluetooth for remote control

Bastien Nocera hadess at hadess.net
Mon Oct 20 12:22:53 BST 2003

On Mon, 2003-10-20 at 06:19, Damien Covey wrote:
> I've gotten this to work with Xmms which is nice.  Now I am trying to 
> modify it to work with Rhythmbox.  I dont think it will be too hard to 
> have it change songs and pause.  My plan is to have it fake a keypress. 
>   Herein lies my problem.  I do not know how to fake a keypress in Ruby. 
>   Actually, it need not be in Ruby, a command line tool would do, 
> anything at the moment would be better than what I have found.
> By generating a keypress (scancode 153) it will be picked up by 
> Rhythmbox as one of the 'multimedia' keys on my keyboard.  Bastien, I 
> thought you might have the know how here as  you wrote Acme if I recall 
> correctly.  So, can anyone help with programmatically generating a 
> keypress?  I know this is not completely bluetooth related, but it is 
> in a round about way and I haven't gotten any answers elsewhere I have 
> posted.

Faking a keypress is rather wonky. You can however find code that does
that in Totem's src/scrsaver.c using the XTest extension and


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