[gnome-bluetooth] Sending files from SE P800 to gnome-bluetooth.

Rob Andrews rob at impure.org.uk
Sat Sep 6 21:44:10 BST 2003

[06-Sep-2003 20:22.37 (BST) / Rob Andrews]
 > Any clues of what I'm missing? I'm fairly new to bluetooth, having received
 > a dongle only this morning.


Found out what was wrong. Sorry to have been so quick to post, seems I was

rfcomm0 {
      # Bluetooth address of the device
      device 00:0A:D9:5C:EE:34;
      # RFCOMM channel for the connection
      channel	1;
      # Description of the connection
      comment "Virtual rfcomm on P800: obex push channel";

...and lo it nows works.

Sorry about that!

Kind regards,

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