[gnome-bluetooth] Server register error! (Bluetooth) (-94)

MobileUserX Olivier 09dolibarr-list at interfacenter.com
Mon Sep 8 17:01:54 BST 2003

> Sounds like the problem's somewhere else, but I'm a little short on
> clues just right now.  I'll try to give it some attention soon.
> Error 94 is ESOCKTNOSUPPORT, which would lead me to suspect rfcomm
> not working, but if you've got that going....
> -- Edd

I did a re-install and still have those problems, but it looks like 
it's a bluetooth problem (nothing to do with gnome-bluetooth).

I did not find the way to solve this yes, but I've noticed in my logs 
that if I try to send a file from the P800 I see this :
link_key_request (sba= [MAC of my ethernet card!!!], dba = [MAC of the 

Things between square bracket are adresses.

So I guess there is some routing that needs to be done...

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