[gnome-bluetooth] Server register error! (Bluetooth) (-94)

MobileUserX Olivier 09dolibarr-list at interfacenter.com
Tue Sep 9 02:37:33 BST 2003

> Sounds like the problem's somewhere else, but I'm a little short on
> clues just right now.  I'll try to give it some attention soon.
> Error 94 is ESOCKTNOSUPPORT, which would lead me to suspect rfcomm
> not working, but if you've got that going....

I've reconfigured my Mandrake/bluetooth

I have 3 channels ready:
rfcomm0 to channel 2 for serial,
rfcomm1 to channel 3 for dialup and 
rfcomm2 to channel 4 for obex

I linked /dev/modem to the dialup rfcomm
I can succesfully connect to the world via GPRS

But if I try to connect from gnome-obex-send
I get a :
Attempting to connect on channel 0

Nautilus tells me the same, but in english "device does not support 
receiving objects"

So, I've tried to tie rfcomm0 to every channel that I have and 
everytime I want to start obex-server I get that 94 error.

My P800 is paired....
gnome-bluetooth-admin can scan it just fine...

Why is it so complicated to get bluetooth working? =/

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