[gnome-bluetooth] newbie help

Fredrik Noring noring at nocrew.org
Fri Sep 12 00:55:09 BST 2003

Wed Aug 6 12:40:41 BST 2003 Marius Berntsberg <marbern at start.no>:
> to recive files from device to your computer you have to execute
> gnome-obex-server, on my box i have a menuithem under the gnome-menu in
> applications/system tools named Bluetooth File sharing that starts this
> server. files transfered from device to computer vil end up in the home
> folder of the user running the server.

I'm not familiar with the plans, but I imagine that a mime-handler like 
Mozilla's would be great in the Bluetooth File Sharing application. :)

For instance, sending a vCard to the computer makes it display a window 
like this:

     Would you like to accept <this file> from <bluetooth device name>?

     1. Open it with the default application (<perhaps some e-mail client>)
     2. Open it with <some application> [Choose...]
     3. Save it to disk

     [x] Always show this dialog before handling files of this type

Maybe Gnome has something similar built-in?


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