[gnome-bluetooth] Attempting to connect on channel 0

Peter Andersson peter at legio.mine.nu
Mon Sep 15 21:16:46 BST 2003


I am having trouble to send files to my cell phone via the 
gnome-bluetooth interface. When using nautilus to transfer files i get 
"The device you are trying to send to doesn´t support recieving 
objects.". When i try to use gnome-obex-send via a bash shell i get the 
following message:

Attempting to connect on channel 0

This is of course wrong, it should be channel 10. Is there a way to 
change this in the program? I have tried "gnome-obex-send --help" but 
have found no flags to change the channel on which the program tries to 
connect. I have transfered files to the phone via other programs (gnome 
phone manager) without trouble so i know there is nothing wrong with the 
phone. I can also find all the services of the cellphone via the bluez 
hcitool but gnome-bluetooth-admin doesn´t show any services. It finds 
the phone though. Does anyone know what could be wrong? If so please let 
me know.


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