[gnome-bluetooth] some programs work fine with T610, but not the phone manager

Renton, Adrian M a.renton at imperial.ac.uk
Mon Sep 15 11:50:39 BST 2003

Dear Edd

I am having the same problem : that is my t610 is seen by BT but the SE
software can't see the phone. Yous suggest
"the most obvious one is that you don't have permission to write to
/dev/rfcomm*". How do you check thuis and how do you put it right ?

I'd be grateful for your advice.

Best wishes

Adrian Renton

On Sat, 2003-07-12 at 13:00, Andreas Henden wrote: > Hi > > I just bought a
bluetooth for my computer. I also got a SonyEricsson > T610 and it works. I
can send files to the phone and send stuff back to > the computer(is it
possible to configure where the files from the phone > should be stored on
the computer, I see that default is the home > directory). Yes it's plan to
have this configurable. Patches welcome ;) > Another thing, is that the
phone applet doesn't work. It says that it > can't connect to the phone. I
have selected bluetooth and T610 appears > on the list. If I still try to
send a message I get: Application > "phonemgr-applet" (process 2103) has
crashed due to a fatal error. > (Segmentation fault). This segfault happens
if you're not truly connected (I know, I need to fix that!) There could be
several reasons why you can't connect, the most obvious one is that you
don't have permission to write to /dev/rfcomm*.

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