[gnome-bluetooth] Palm and gnome-obex-server?

Nicholas Piper nick-gnomebluetooth at nickpiper.co.uk
Wed Sep 17 11:04:33 BST 2003


On Wed, 17 Sep 2003, Fredrik Noring wrote:

> ons 2003-09-17 klockan 10.54 skrev Nicholas Piper:
> > Sending from my Palm (TT) to gnome-obex-server works here. I just
> > tested it to make sure, and it segfaulted, but on the second go after
> > restarting it, it worked just fine.

> Oh, how did you do it? What version is it? I've tried to send notes and
> contacts using "Send..." and selecting "Bluetooth" ("SMS", "Mail" etc.
> are other options).

Nothing special I'm afraid: gnome-obex-server says it is version
0.4.1, and yeah; just I just Send/Bluetooth, and it works for
contacts, datebook stuff, anything really. Even whole categories,
which is nice.

Sorry it's not just diagnostic help, but thought I'd let you know it's
possible to have working.


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