[gnome-bluetooth] Nautilus can't access 'bluetooth:///'

Edd Dumbill edd at usefulinc.com
Fri Sep 19 12:37:41 BST 2003

> Hi,
> first, thanks for the cool stuff you have created!
> Now I have installed libbtctl-0.3 and gnome-bluetooth-0.4.1. I can send
> files to the phone (Sony Ericsson T610) with:
> gnome-obex-send --dest 00:0A:D9:9E:08:11 testpic.jpg
> Still I can't access the phone via nautilus. That's the error message I
> get:
> "bluetooth:///" is not a valid location. Please check the spelling and
> try again.

Ensure you configured with the same prefixes as your GNOME installation.
Normally this means ./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc

But I wouldn't worry too much about this.  The bluetooth:/// thing is
about to disappear.  I just hacked up code last night for a "Send via
Bluetooth..." context menu item in Nautilus, and I'm working on a PyGTK
administration tool for devices.
Soon to be released and checked into GNOME CVS.

-- Edd

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