[gnome-bluetooth] Nautilus can't access 'bluetooth:///'

Christoph Hösch der at webmogul.de
Fri Sep 19 16:34:01 BST 2003

Am Fre, 2003-09-19 um 12.37 schrieb Edd Dumbill:

> But I wouldn't worry too much about this.  The bluetooth:/// thing is
> about to disappear.  I just hacked up code last night for a "Send via
> Bluetooth..." context menu item in Nautilus, and I'm working on a PyGTK
> administration tool for devices.
> Soon to be released and checked into GNOME CVS.

What a pitty. What about remote browsing a cellular phone? It's so
boring sending each picture seperately to the computer. It would be much
better to select a bunch of them in nautilus and download them.

Nevertheless thanks for this great piece of work. 

Ciao, Chris

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