[gnome-bluetooth] Nautilus can't access 'bluetooth:///

Stefan Nicolin root at nicolinux.de
Sun Sep 21 13:42:38 BST 2003

> > What a pitty. What about remote browsing a cellular phone?


> > It's so
> > boring sending each picture seperately to the computer. It would be much
> > better to select a bunch of them in nautilus and download them.

> The context menu item works for multiple selections, that's no problem. 
> You won't lose that functionality.

What does that mean. Is it possible to browse the contents of the phone with 
the context menu? How? If a doubleclick the phone icon in bluetooth:/// it says:
"Unable to make a Bluetooth connection".
Phonemanager works, also sending files to the phone does.


> -- Edd


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