[gnome-bluetooth] bonobo-ectomy?

Ross Burton ross at burtonini.com
Fri Sep 26 18:15:11 BST 2003


Thought I'd subscribe to this list in an attempt to make myself feel
guilty about not implementing what I said I was going to...

> Though it pains me to entertain the notion, perhaps it's time for to
> chop out the Bonobo component from this software.


> So we end up with two libraries:
> * libbtctl - GObject wrapper for Bluetooth stuff.  Can be used without
> GNOME.  Is basically the Btctl::Controller class.
> * libgnomebt - GNOME-aware helpers. Make a Gnomebt::Controller class
> which is a subclass of Btctl::Controller, and includes all the
> GNOME-specific things from the IDL above.
> How does this sound?

Fabby to me.

Btctl and Gnomebt are ugly names though... how about
Bluetooth::Controller and GnomeBluetooth::Controller?  Slightly more
verbose but they can actually be pronounced.

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