[gnome-bluetooth] rfcommd-1.2

marco S marco at cluster-1.net
Tue Mar 9 07:01:06 GMT 2004

On Mon, 2004-03-08 at 23:42, Andrew Couture wrote:

> OK...fair statement...
> I will quote the readme
> '1. Compilation and Installation
> To configure, compile and install run:
>   ./configure 
>   make install
> '
> Seems pretty straight forward to me, but 
> I have been know to burn water..
> andy

Hehe you are right - I got the package from
and it contains no "configure" (like I assumed) - even though the README
tells to install it this way - so you can't use configure to configure
it ;)
Probably the README is outdatet - you should mail the author about this.
But the Makefile is present - so I tried "make;make install" and yay
that should work for you too ... just try .


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