[gnome-bluetooth] Some questions...

Rashef rashef at people.it
Tue Mar 9 08:28:26 GMT 2004

	I'm a new user of gnome-bluetooth! I managed to connect to my GPRS
mobile phone via BT and I succeed! But now I've got some questions!

1) In gnome-bluetooth-admin I can scan the area looking for bt devices,
but it seems there's no way to browse the device services! :-/

2) Even if I installed vfs support in gnome, I get nothing using
nautilus at bluetooth:///!

3) I installed phonemgr, to manage my BT phone: I also installed all the
needed libraries (lib***mm etc). But when I try to start the applet I
get a Segmentation Fault. What could be the problem?

Thanks in advance!


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