[gnome-bluetooth] BUG ? : Crash when aborting obex-receive

marco S marco at cluster-1.net
Wed Mar 17 12:41:57 GMT 2004


could someone confirm that :

When sending a file from my cell-phone (and I suppose it happens with
any other devices) and cancelling the transfer -
obex-server segfaults.
And more then that - unfortunatly it leaves the Bluetooth of my phone in
an unusable state.

I fixed the seg-faulting but unfortunatly the broken bluetooth on the
other peer persits.

Here's the code in serveronly.c :

in function : void obex_event(obex_t *handle, obex_object_t *object,
		   int mode, int event, int obex_cmd, int obex_rsp)

>From Line No 74 :

	printf("Request aborted!\n");
	OBEX_TransportDisconnect(handle); // This fixes the segfault for me

If someone could confirm that this bug exists for him too.
I would submit a patch later. Or Edd could just include it if he
considers it a good idea (it's just the one line ;).

Versions :
kernel 2.6.4
debian unstable
ii  bluez-hcidump  1.5-2
ii  bluez-pan      1.1
ii  bluez-pin      0.22-1
ii  bluez-sdp      1.5-2
ii  bluez-utils    2.4
ii libopenobex-1. 1.0.0-rel-2.1
ii libopenobex-1. 1.0.0-rel-2.1
ii  libopenobex1   0.9.8-8

Devices :
Sony Ericsson T630
Epox USB Bluetooth Dongle

Greets Marco

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