[gnome-bluetooth] gnome-bluetooth under gentoo

Mark Houlder mark.houlder at ot-t.com
Thu Mar 25 10:38:19 GMT 2004

hi everyone

i've got gnome-bluetooth 0.4.1 on a fairly up-to-date gentoo, with gnome 
2.6 (from break my gentoo). most of it seems to work OK, but i cannot 
use it to connect to my nokia 6310i, although i can see it in nautilus 
and in the admin GUI (if i click on the phone in nautilus i get a 
"cannot connect" error). I can also connect to the phone easily using 
gnokii, and even dial-out with it, so it's not a general rfcomm or 
bluetooth problem. i've seen a few other posts by gentoo users with the 
same "can't connect" problem, but have yet to see any solutions or 
further help. can anyone give me any pointers?


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