[gnome-bluetooth] File transfer Nokia 6820 --> PC not working.

Ilari Kontinen ilari.kontinen at hut.fi
Fri Mar 26 17:07:39 GMT 2004

Hello all,

I got a laptop and a phone, which both have bluetooth. I have managed to 
set up linux (Slackware 9.1, linux 2.4.24) on the laptop, and after 
couple of days of hard work, managed to get the bluetooth working too. 
Kernel bluetooth support was compiled as modules from the "box", and I 
am able to modprobe all the needed modules (bluez, l2cap, rfcomm, bnep). 
I also installed:

- bluez (bluez-libs-2.5, bluez-utils-2.5, bluez-sdp-1.5, 
bluez-hcidump-1.8, bluez-pan-1.1 and bluez-hciemu-1.0)
- gnome-bluetooth (gnome-bluetooth-0.4.1, libbtctl-0.3 and gob2-2.0.6)
- openobex (openobex-1.0.1, openobex-apps-1.0.0)

I am able to use the bluetooth to:

- discover my phone (hcitool scan, sdptool browse, gnome-bluetooth-admin)
- connect to the Internet via phone (ppp and gprs)
- send files from PC to phone (d-n-d with gnome-bluetooth nautilus 

But I am not able to send files vice-versa from phone to PC. I am able 
to start the gnome-obex-server (command line: 'OBEX Object Push service 
registered'), but when I try to send ie. a picture from phone, the phone 
first starts looking for devices, but after that it complains "no 
devices found".

hcidump shows the following when the phone tries to find devices:
root at chinchilla:~# hcidump
HCIDump - HCI packet analyzer ver 1.8
device: hci0 snap_len: 1028 filter: 0xffffffff
 > HCI Event: Vendor(0xff) plen 7
 > HCI Event: Vendor(0xff) plen 7

sdptool shows:
root at chinchilla:~# sdptool get OPUSH
Service Name: SDP Server
Service Description: Bluetooth service discovery server
Service Provider: BlueZ
Service RecHandle: 0x0
Service Class ID List:
  "SDP Server" (0x1000)
Protocol Descriptor List:
  "L2CAP" (0x0100)
    PSM: 1
    Version: 0x0001
Language Base Attr List:
  code_ISO639: 0x656e
  encoding:    0x6a
  base_offset: 0x100

So it seems, that there is no OBEX service running? I am not able to 
start an OBEX service with 'sdptool add --channel=10 OPUSH' neither...

If someone knows or has a clue how to enable gnome-obex-server, please 
tell me.

Best regards,

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