[gnome-bluetooth] Auto-saving incoming files to a directory; preserving timestamps

Tuomas Salo tuomas.salo at optinet.fi
Tue Nov 30 03:01:36 PST 2004


I'm using gnome-obex-server to transfer photos from my Nokia 6600 phone
to my computer. Sending many photos at once gives me as many dialogs
asking where I want to save each file.

I think it would be nice if one could define a directory where all files
were auto-saved to.

Please correct me if such a feature already exists.

I assume that coding this feature would be quite elementary. I could do
it myself, but gnome-obex-server doesn't seem to have a config file - so
I would need to hardcode this option, which seems like a bad idea.

Another thing: the phone saves a timestamp with each photo. It would be
nice if the software preserved the timestamps when creating the files on
the computer. Now all the saved files just get a current timestamp. Of
course, this feature requires that the timestamps are transferred with
OBEX - are they? I don't know the protocol.


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