[gnome-bluetooth] "Send via Bluetooth" is not showing up for all file types

Mirza Muharemagic mirza at php.co.ba
Wed Oct 13 08:28:49 BST 2004

I know what's the problem ...

I mam using Gnome 2.8 (same problem with 2.6) and if the file you want to transfer doesn't have a default "Open with" application, this "Send via Bluetooth" will not show up.

So ... If you want to transfer ".sis" file, right click on the file, click on "Open with ...", enter for example "gedit" opr something else ...

gedit will maybe say, that it is not able to open file, but from now on, .sis file has a default application for opening it.

you will have "Send via Bluetooth" in menu after that.


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