[gnome-bluetooth] New Bluetooth Port?

Mark R. Bowyer moredhel at earthling.net
Fri Sep 10 11:15:55 BST 2004

On Fri, 2004-09-10 at 10:35, Ricky Soh wrote:
> I understand that the old bluetooth port is /dev/rfcomm0. The other
> port i know is /dev/bluetooth/rfcomm/0. However, i am using Fedora
> Core 2 and this port is not found as well. Can anyone highlight to me
> what is the new port directory?

I'm using Sun's JDS, and simply created these devices with:

mknod /dev/rfcomm0 c 216 0
mknod /dev/rfcomm1 c 216 1
mknod /dev/rfcomm2 c 216 2
mknod /dev/rfcomm3 c 216 3
mknod /dev/rfcomm4 c 216 4

etc.  They then work fine =O)

The only problem I'm having with all this, actually, is that
gnome-bluetooth-manager fails because controller.Controller() doesn't
appear to exist at line 77.  I'm not a Python coder, so this is a bit
opaque to me - I've seen someone else asked about this here already and
got no response.  I figure it's due to a version of Python or some other
part mismatching.  But a constructor not existing?  The same sytax works
fine for the Iconlist which seems to be defined in the same way, too.
=O(  Or because gnome-bluetooth-manager just isn't supposed to work yet?

Anyway, I have 2 SonyEricssons - a P800 and a T630 - and both work as
expected .  I've added Multisync and leif and some of my own hacks, and
with the OBEX code and Gnome integration, it all looks great - thanks

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