[gnome-bluetooth] gnome bluetooth troubles

Jakub Järvenpää jakub.jarvenpaa at ri.fi
Thu Sep 16 09:06:51 BST 2004


I'm a linux newbie trying to get my bluetooth phone to communicate with 
my bluetooth laptop.

I noted your reply to Patrick Steiner's bluetooth trouble (I tried to 
contact him, but his address is not valid):


It looks like you've not got RFCOMM and/or RFCOMM TTY support in your 
kernel.  Try compiling it in/inserting the modules.

Patrick Steiner wrote:
>/ hy,
/>/ i have installed the latest deb (0.5.1) from gnome-bluetooth. but there 
/>/ are some errors :-(
/>/ if i start try to start the gnome-obex server i get the following error:
/>/ $ gnome-obex-server
/>/ ** (gnome-obex-server:11821): WARNING **: OBEX server register error: -94
/>/ ** (gnome-obex-server:11821): WARNING **: Unable to initialize OBEX source
/>/ ** (gnome-obex-server:11821): WARNING **: Couldn't initialise OBEX listener
/>/ i made an:$ dpkg -l | grep obex
/>/ ii  libobexftp1    0.9.2-4        Object Exchange File Transfer Library
/>/ ii  libopenobex-1. 1.0.0-rel-3    OBEX protocol library
/>/ ii  libopenobex1   0.9.8-10       OBEX protocol library
/>/ ii  obexserver     1.0-3          Receive files with OBEX protocol
/>/ ii  openobex-apps  1.0.0-rel-4    Applications for OpenOBEX
/>/ if i try do send via the send with bluetooth contexmenu in gnome i get 
/>/ this error: unable to connect remote device.
/>/ only gnome-bluetooth-manager works./


What does the "compiling it in/inserting the modules" mean in practical 

Jakub Järvenpää

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