[gnome-bluetooth] gnome-phone and Sendo X

Jorge de Jesús Ramírez Sánchez jramirez.sanchez at gmail.com
Sat Dec 10 00:59:44 GMT 2005


I'm trying to use gnome-phone with my Sendo X, but I got this error:

jramirez at blacksheep:~$ gnome-phone-manager
** Message: New connection device is 08:00:28:A6:C2:83
** Message: Connecting...
** Message: Status 1
** Message: Making serial port connection
conn_complete:  status 0x00
Can't connect: Connection refused

** (gnome-phone-manager:2598): WARNING **: gn_gsm_initialise: Command failed

** (gnome-phone-manager:2598): WARNING **: Model  not supported natively
Can't connect: Connection refused

** (gnome-phone-manager:2598): WARNING **: gn_gsm_initialise
** Message: Status 4
** Message: Connected error occurred.
** Message: Failed connection to device on 08:00:28:A6:C2:83
** Message: Exiting connect thread

I know that my phone don't have this service, my question is, is there an
application that I can install in my phone to get this service?

By the way, Sendo X uses Symbian, and the version that I`ve installed is

L.S.C.A. Jorge de Jesús Ramírez Sánchez.
Chihuahua, Chih.
jramirez.sanchez at gmail.com
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