[gnome-bluetooth] cannot start gnome-obex-server

Holger Preu vandroiy at gmx.net
Sun Feb 6 15:02:58 GMT 2005

Hi everyone.

I just have installed BT on my Gentoo Linux system, kernel 2.4.28. It seems
to run fine so far, I can find other devices in the gnome bluetooth manager,
but as soon as I try to start gnome-obex-server, I receive the following

** (gnome-obex-server:2778): WARNING **: OBEX server register error: -1

** (gnome-obex-server:2778): WARNING **: Unable to initialize OBEX source

** (gnome-obex-server:2778): WARNING **: Couldn't initialise OBEX listener

I have the following versions:


Would be great if anyone could help me with that.

Thank you very much in advance.


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