[gnome-bluetooth] Bluetooth problem under FC3 with Dell D600

Martin Sturm msturm at zeelandnet.nl
Tue Feb 15 09:55:48 GMT 2005

Op ma, 14-02-2005 te 17:29 -0800, schreef Cristian Tapus:
> My phone is set to discoverable, as far as I can tell. My office mate,
> who owns a mac can detect my phone without any problems. Besides, I am
> also able to detect his computer, while my Dell does not show at all.
> The bluetooth device that I have is an onboard bluetooth device that came
> with my Dell Latitude D600 laptop. At the end of this email you can find the
> output of lsusb -v for this particular device.
> By default, after I reboot the laptop, the class is set to 0
> With that class, here is the hcidump -X
> The ouput below is for the two commands above: hciconfig -a and hcitool scan
> After I set the class to 0x120104 I get the same output and behavior from
> hcidump -X

What is the output of 'sudo /sbin/service bluetooth status'?

Because you haven't answer my question if this service is running (which
is actually required, because it starts hcid and sdpd. You can also
start these two manually, but since you're using FC3, this service does
the job for you. It seems to me that your bluetooth adapter is
recognised correctly, so that is not the problem.


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