[gnome-bluetooth] Missing save dialog?

Fredrik Noring noring at nocrew.org
Tue Jan 18 11:31:06 PST 2005


I've used Gnome Bluetooth 0.5.1 with Fedora Core 3 (x86_64) and it's
impressively simple to get the obex file transfers working with a Sony
Ericsson T630.

One surprising detail is that the "Save" button doesn't bring up a save
dialog; it simply saves the files in the home directory. Well actually
the files are already saved in the home directory at that point and this
is also a bit surprising. :)

Would you agree that bringing up a save dialog makes more sense?

Other applications such as Evolution saves files in temporary cache
directories when the "Open" button is used. Do you think it would be a
good idea to adopt this too?

The "Send via Bluetooth" in Nautilus is really neat. Is it possible to
add such a menu entry for vcards in Evolution? "Print vcard" etc. are
already there. (Your TODO mentions the other way around, sending vcards
to Evolution which would be really nice too.)


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