[gnome-bluetooth] Nokia 6630 problems / Snding .sis files in Nautilus

veber at ptt.yu veber at ptt.yu
Sat Jan 29 10:25:09 GMT 2005


All this Symbian/Bluetooth stuff is new for me, so plaese excuse my dumb questions.

1. I installed the gnome-bluetooth (FC3 Linux), and on the right mouse click in Nautilus I get the option \"Send vie bluetooth\". However, this option does not appear for .sis files. Whats wrong?

2. Is it possible to get files from the phone?

3. Where could I do some reading on this matter, I found very modest documentation so far...

(Linux Fedora Core 3, USB BTooth Adapter, Nokia 6630 (Still looking for a text egitor to edit gnapplet.ini, any advice on that?), sending files to the phone works (at least for images and mp3s).


PTT Net, Web Mail

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