[gnome-bluetooth] Using obex-server programmatically

Vardhman Jain vardhman at students.iiit.net
Sun Mar 6 13:00:53 GMT 2005

	I am in need of a solution to help me use the obex-server 
 	What I need to do is whenever a file is recieved at the server I 
get some kind of callback or signal, so I can call some other 
program/function which was waiting for files from bluetooth. I need this 
to be done in a for loop until the remote device disconnects. It would be 
great If I can call the file recieving code as a waiting function call in 
my code. 

	If someone can suggest me how to proceed I would be very thankful.

Vardhman Jain
IV Year B.Tech. CSE

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