[gnome-bluetooth] Query regarding gnome-obex-server version 4.1

Vardhman Jain vardhman at students.iiit.net
Thu Mar 10 09:04:32 GMT 2005

        I am using the version 4.1 of gnome-bluetooth package. I want to
know certain things.
        1) Are the error/debug message printed on stdout/stderror?
        2) Is there any way to programmatically recieve files using a
C/C++/Python code, rather than using gnome-obex-srever
        3) can we set teh directory for receiving files somehow.

        I want to avoid the update to version 5.1 as I want to use the
gnome-obex-server as a non GUI program. (as it is there in version 4.1).

Any help is much appreciated.

Vardhman Jain
IV Year B.Tech. CSE

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