[gnome-bluetooth] Fatal error on Debian Sarge

Ben Lau benlau at ust.hk
Sun Mar 27 08:24:12 BST 2005


   What is your target install path? I just compiled libbtctl 0.4.1 & gnome-bluetooth 0.5.1 and got the same error message like you.
I solve the problem by reinstall the libbtctl  to "/usr/local" instead of the "$HOME/usr" in my previous configuration. 

Mateusz Łoskot wrote:

>I've just compiled & installed
>packages but when I try to run gnome-bluetooth-manager
>(as root and normal user) I get following message:
>Fatal Python error: can't initialise module controller
>And bt manager does not start.
>I have kernel 2.6.10 compiled with BT support and all kernel modules
>are loaded into kernel. I can connect my laptop with my Nokia 6310i.
>Where is the problem?
>Best regards

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