[gnome-bluetooth] invoke screensaver when bluetooth device isremoved

Irving, Dave Dave.Irving at logicacmg.com
Wed May 4 17:18:11 BST 2005

One simple way is to l2ping the device. If you cant l2ping it, assume
its out of contact.
I did this recently to keep some dodgy text messaging software alive
which would crash for seemingly no reason every few hours. 
As soon as the program went down (monitoring the pid...) I set off an
l2ping every x seconds. 
As soon as this succeeded, I brought the program back up.
This served to keep the service available, and also bring it up
automatically when my phone was in range.

So you could set up a script which l2pings your device every few
As soon as this fails, assume the device is out of range and do an
xscreensaver-command -lock.
Might work.....


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I would like to create some sort of app that starts the xscreensaver
(and locks the screen) whenever I leave the roam (having my bluetooth
device,mobile phone, in the pocket). 

Anyone that knows of such a program or has an idea on how to do it

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