[gnome-bluetooth] Phone Manager feature requests

Derek Cramer dcramer at eircom.net
Wed Nov 30 11:03:51 GMT 2005

Hi All.
First, thanks for this app. It is really useful to me as I get/send a 
lot of text messages and it's great to be able to leave the phone in my 
pocket while at my computer. :-)
I currently use gnome-phone-manager 0.6 with a Nokia 6310i and it works 
great for sending and receiving texts. The Evo name completion works 
well, but seems to be one-way, hence my first request...
When a message is received, Phone Manager just displays the phone 
number, even if the sender is in the address book. Would it be possible 
to have it display the name of known numbers?
Also, is there any easy way to synchronise my address book from the 
phone? At the moment, if I add a new contact to the phone, I add it 
manually to Evo also, but there must be a better way than this.
Finally, and this is something I'd *really* appreciate. Would it be 
difficult to add a "delete message" option to the message display 
window. I know gnokii supports this, so I presume it is possible to add 
it to Phone Manager. Every now and then I have to run xgnokii and delete 
a hundred or so useless messages that accumulate in my inbox. It would 
be nice to be able to delete the as I get them.


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