[gnome-bluetooth] How can I pair a device?

Andy Burns fedora at adslpipe.co.uk
Thu Feb 9 09:36:58 GMT 2006


I've tinkered with bluetooth under linux before, and things were working 
to a certain extent, but it was on a desktop machine and  never had a 
"need" to get anything in particular working, it was out of curiosity.

Now I have FC5 on setup as dual boot on my laptop and would like like to 
get some devices working properly.

My laptop is a Dell Latitude D800 with inbuilt Truemobile 400 bluetooth 
card, the card is detected fine, I can go into gnome-bluetooth-manager 
and do a scan, it detects devices when they are in a discoverable state 
   (my phone and mouse) Other bluetooth devices I have are an ipaq, a 
sony headset, a usb adapter for the desktop pc.

In nautilus I can use send-to to send a file from the laptop to the 
phone, so the actual comms link is happy, I start the bluetoth file 
sharing applet, from the phone I go to send a file via bluetooth, it 
scans and ses the laptop, I select the laptop, it then takes a long time 
trying to send the file, but it is never sent, the laptop never offers 
to accept/deny a connection, I couldn't see any messages in 
var/log/messages or from dmesg

if I go into device manager, the phone is shown with a proper icon, but 
the mouse only has a "piston" icon which I guess is pretty minor, when I 
click on Edit/Properties on either device, no dialog is shown, I was 
expecting to see what type of device, what MAC address and capabilities 
etc, and be able to do pairing.

I read the recent changelogs and can see that portions have been 
re-written, am I seeing anything less than is currently expected? is 
there anything I can manually configure from .conf giles/gconf keys or 
bash commands? For now just getting the mouse working would be great as 
I hate the laptop's glidepoint pad :-(

Since my machine is also dual boot, I'm wondering how the devices will 
cope with having two pairings to the same laptop, one for windows and 
one for linux, I seem to remember there is some individual pairing "key" 
generated, I can't see windows having any way to be told what key to use 
  , but can linux "play nice" and use the same key that windows already 
did so the device doesn't need to keep being re-paired over again each 
time I change operating system, or am I imagining a whol problem which 
won't exist?

Thanks for any pointers ...


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