[Fwd: Re: [gnome-bluetooth] How can I pair a device?]

Andy Burns fedora at adslpipe.co.uk
Thu Feb 9 20:38:54 GMT 2006

Christoph Wickert wrote:

> Ooops, I only replied to Andy, not to the list.

Ahh, you noticed :-)

> No, this isn't implemented in gnome-bluetooth-manager yet and it never
> will, for gnome-bluetooth-manager is going to replaced soon.

I saw that NetworkManager has designs on incorporating bluetooth 
functions, is that seen as the way forward?

> It has, you can tell Windows to enter the PIN yourself rather than let
> Win generate one.

yes I know that

> Every pair is unique, so you'll have to re-pair after booting. This is
> not a linux problem.

Oh, I can see that it's not a linux problem, neither is is a windows 
problem, it's a dual booting problem :-(

I didn't know if there was any "sneaky" way that linux could be 
persuaded to use the same pairing "key" that windows happened to already 
be using for the device, so that the device was only aware that it had a 
single pairing with with the laptop, which just happenned to be 
identical for both linux and windows? Sounds like it's not currently 
possible, but is it actually feasible?

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