[gnome-bluetooth] gnome-vfs obexftp scheme

Arnaud Casteigts arnaud.casteigts at neuf.fr
Wed Jan 11 12:36:36 GMT 2006

Hi list,
as assistant professors at the french university of Bordeaux, we plan to
give the students (master graduate in networks) the opportunity to
contribute to a free project such as yours.

The first idea we had was to work on ObexFS (now part of openobex
project), but it was already done. So we are thinking about integration
in gnome (kde already has its own) via gnome-bluetooth & gnome-vfs.

It would be great if some of you could give us some indication on:
-integration choice (from scratch, using obexftp etc..)
-things that have already been done
-why gnome-vfs directory has been deleted in the CVS repository

Thanks a lot, the project will begin shortly (about one week)

Arnaud Casteigts,
Martin Raspaud

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