[gnome-bluetooth] hello all

Michael Frank msfrank at syntaxjockey.com
Wed Jun 7 01:52:35 BST 2006

On Sun, 2006-06-04 at 15:52 +0100, Bastien Nocera wrote:
> On Sat, 2006-06-03 at 19:50 -0700, Michael Frank wrote:
> > is this the appropriate mailing list to discuss libbtctl development?
> Yep, although you should expect a little lag as I am the only person
> reviewing patches right now.

cool.  well i thought i'd drop a line saying i'm interested in hacking
on libbtcl, and what i'm working on.  my current interest is writing
async SDP routines, so GUI apps won't noticably block when scanning for
services.  This means reimplementing/stealing a lot of the sdp code from
bluez-libs. Right now i'm struggling a bit with the binary protocol
format, but after that is conquered, things should be pretty smooth.
Also, one problem i've found is the initial connect() to the remote
device blocks for a noticeable amount of time, and the only solution to
that seems to involve threads (yuck).  any thoughts on this would be

I've set up a svn repository on a server of mine in order to collect the
patches i'm working on (including two i've put on bugzilla already), so
you can see what my libbtctl tree looks like at:


I might also integrate new patches from other ppl as they appear on
bugzilla, if i think they are interesting.  currently i'm fiddling
around with the dbus integration patch.

Finally, i've been trying to figure out what the accepted coding and
indentation style is, as it seems to vary quite a bit in different
places.  can anyone clarify this for me?


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