[gnome-bluetooth] RE: change save DIR and auto accept (dam ripp)

Steven Belz stevenbelz at gmail.com
Thu Jun 22 17:37:36 BST 2006

>How do i change the Directory that the files save too?
>How do i make it auto accept all files from all phones without


>i dont have a key or value using gconf-editor referring to the
>obex-bluetooth-server or savedir.

Ah, yes.  Here goes...

Using Synaptic, uninstall/remove your current gnome-bluetooth tools.

Download the source files and compile for your system.  You'll also need
build-essential and several other packages.  But it will work - I have
several computers (with Dapper) on which I have had to do this.

Once installed, go into GCONF and it should be there...

Hope this helps.

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