[gnome-bluetooth] Which device is sending files?

Iván Belmonte ibelmonte at sysdivision.com
Thu Jun 29 08:19:34 BST 2006

Hi there all

I've set up all bluez-utils, hcid, rfcomm and gnome-bluetooth. Now i am
able to run "gnome-obex-server" from an xterm, and when i send files
from my phone i see some logs on my screen which say who is sending the
file, the name of the file and the BT address of the remote device. I
need to get this log information from a shellscript which is run as a
cron job, but i can't make gnome-obex-server dump this information to a
text file.

Is there any way to do it?

Thanks in advance!

Iván Belmonte

Mail: ibelmonte at sysdivision.com
URL: http://www.sysdivision.com
Tel: 93 390.61.20 - ext 110
Mov: 692.162.873

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